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Awesome Health Benefits of Strength Training

I highly recommend that all adults do at least two full-body strength-training workouts each week and here are the reasons why:

1. Strong Muscles

Strength training involves any activity that works your muscles against resistance and by stressing your muscles, it stimulates them to grow and become stronger.

2. Healthy Body Fat Levels

Strengthening your muscles has a significant effect on your body's fat cells. Strength training does more to regulate age-related abdominal fat than does cardio. In the long term, building lean muscle mass increases your resting metabolic rate. It also supports healthy body fat levels by affecting hormone levels and reducing inflammation.

3. Self Confidence

Don't be surprised if the confidence that comes with reaching new strength goals carries over into other aspects of your life.

4. Solid Balance and Stability

Many strength-training movements require balance and mobility from your body. As you move in different planes of motion and at different angles while strength training, your major muscle groups and the smaller muscles throughout your body become stronger and more stable. Feeling balanced and stable in your body becomes increasingly important as you age to prevent falling and injuries.

5. Good Posture

Being stuck in one position all day, like sitting at your computer, weakens the stabilizer muscles in your torso, which play a major role in your posture.

Regular strength training can help increase endurance of the muscles in your trunk that are responsible for proud posture.

6. Strong Bones

Strength training is important both for supporting bone growth during our younger years and maintaining as much of that bone density and strength as possible as we age.

When you forcefully contract your muscles, they end up pulling on and gently stressing your bones. If strength workouts are performed in a standing position, you effectively load (and again, gently stress) your spine, hips and leg bones.

Together, all of these health benefits of strength training can add up to a longer life and better quality of life.

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